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  • Love how Nina takes the time to teach the class and make the steps very fun and engaging
    – Fatima
  • Mike/Nina and everyone at the school here are amazing. Meet new people and lots of laughs while learning something amazing
    – Dave
  • Great dance studio! The instructors were clear and helpful.
    – Daniela
  • I searched long and hard for a salsa instructor who would focus on both the lead and the follow. In Nina’s class, the leads are taught to be strong and the follows are much more than just puppets. Nina emphasizes proper following technique for a strong connection between partners, a correct frame, exercises to help execute that triple solo turn and fun styling moves that let us flip our hair around.
    She does all this in a fun and friendly way which makes her classes both very effective and enjoyable. I always look forward to her class. Thanks Nina!
    – Shehin Rah
  • Nina runs one of the best tango classes in town! She is meticulous about postures and techniques, and she uses the most intriguingly memorable analogues to help you learn. Mike is also of great help and is generous in sharing tips about tango. A final plus for beginners is that more advanced dancers usually come to the beginners class to practice so you get to dance with more experienced dancers!
    – Xue Ying
  • Nina is an amazing teacher and the only thing you will think about after class is to get a nice big slice of apple pie ^^
    – Celine
  • Nina is a fabulous instructor. Its always a great time. Highly recommended regardless of your dancing abilities. She can make you better!
    – Aman Singh
  • Amazing instructor! I learned so much in her class. Very useful tips and advice to be a better dancer.
    – Juan
  • Love love love this dance program! We have continued after our groupon finished, and have been taking lessons twice a week. Excellent instructor, great facility! Highly recommend!
    – Laurel
  • Thank you to the entire team of staff and interns at Dance Today! I attended my first Salsa Bachata Kizomba Festival in 2018 and had an amazing time. Was totally inspired as well as being able participate at the social dance event was truly unforgettable. From the 1st lesson just 5 months ago, all the guidance, friendship, and patience your team has provided really made my experience an exhilarating one. All the extra efforts in helping me with the steps and all the encouragements does not go unnoticed. My salsa & bachata dancing journey wouldn't be the same without your team. Thank you Dance Today!
    – Philip
  • Nina and her team are great. She is a wonderful teacher that makes it fun. She doesn’t treat you any different because you used a Groupon. 💃🏼💃🏼
    – Karen
  • Very friendly and good learning environment. Great teachers!
    – Michael
  • We worked with Nina for many months in preparation for our first dance at our wedding, and had an incredible experience. She was so kind, encouraging, and patient with us as non-dancers, and we enjoyed our lessons with her so much. It was honestly one of my favourite parts of preparing for the wedding. We really appreciated how she taught us not only the choreography, but also the basic skills of leading/following that would allow us to truly dance together. This ended up being indispensable when our DJ messed up the cue for our music, and we had to improvise on the spot. Would highly recommend for both private lessons and the group classes!!
    – Holly Armstrong
  • The teacher is so friendly and welcoming, even though I knew nothing about Salsa by the end I had a few moves down and a big smile on my face. The others in the class were so helpful and kind. Worth a try!
    – Ali
  • I’ve been dancing with Nina for 4 years now, I started with Salsa and in the past year and a half have been learning Argentine Tango as well. I still remember how nervous I was before my first Salsa class and now I feel so down if I go a week without dancing. Nina’s classes are perfect for a student of any level, she really breaks down the movement for beginners, while emphasizing technique for more experienced students, all the while maintaining a fun and social environment. Both leads and follows are given equal attention, and no partner necessary she makes sure everybody gets lots of experience with frequent partner exchanges in an orderly fashion. If you’re thinking of taking up dancing or even if you are experienced but looking for a new setting I encourage you to take a class with Nina.
    – Natalie Boyce
  • I have been taking the beginner salsa classes that Baila Vancouver offers through the D2 studio at 8th and Manitoba. Their classes have an unusual format (20 lesson plans, continuous enrolment, start any week).

    So far, I have been enjoying these classes immensely!

    I was somewhat intimidated by salsa classes, as I do not have any prior experience in social dancing with a partner. What I love about Nina and Greg’s approach is that they really focus on communication. That is, they give the leads useful, detailed, advice on how to communicate their intentions, and they give the followers equally helpful advice on how to enable and read that communication.

    I love this focus because, for me, this is the most intimidating part… the idea that, as a beginner, I will have no idea what to do or how to do it. But by learning how to maintain communication with my partner, everything just flows more naturally and feels more comfortable. (Because in the end, who cares exactly what we’re doing as long as we’re doing it together, coherently?)

    The other element of the format which I enjoy is that the instructors keep the class changing partners continuously. This is really instructive for learning how to read and respond to different people. Especially since the class is usually made up of students with varying experience levels (due to the “start any week” format). Leads get to learn how to deal with more and less experienced followers, and vice versa.

    Overall, a great place to start out for social dancing newbies. Non-intimidating, informative, and fun.
    – Deborah R.
  • Nina is an absolutely fantastic teacher! She has a great way of explaining things so they stick, feel natural and she makes sure you have a good time. She gives the one on one time when needed as well as directing the whole group. Having had experience of different teachers and different beginner level dances Nina really stands out. I have been spreading the word for people to give the beginner salsa a try! I’m loving it!
    – Sally V
  • Nina taught a fantastic introductory salsa class at University Hill Secondary School last week. Her experience working with younger learns really showed as she successfully organized over 50 kids and had them all dancing and enjoying themselves (they all came in very shy) in no time. The dance class with Nina will definitely be a highlight of the Spanish course for my students. An excellent experience and an excellent memory for all of us!
    – Carrie-Jane Williams
  • Baila Vancouver and especially Nina have completely changed my way of looking at dance and life even! I love Nina's philosophy of dance and how amazingly talented she is at breaking down what partner dancing is all about! I'm forever grateful to have met such a great master teacher, dancer and woman all together and look forward to keeping growing with her company!
    – Pepper Peggy
  • I have heard from a number of CCS staff that they really enjoyed your dance lesson – I have been told that you are an amazing teacher who is not only passionate about the dance you are teaching but also engaging and incredibly fun! Everyone was really happy with how fun it was - everyone has such great things to say about you here!
    – Rory
    Canadian Cancer Society Staff Coordinator
  • I had never learned any type of dance before and had been very shy to try any class as I had no rhythm and no partner. Nina is a great instructor. She makes lessons so fun and easy to follow. She teaches how to find rhythm and break down dance move step by step so that it is easy to follow and remember. It is great way to have exercise, have fun, and learn to dance! Now, I am completely addicted to her lesson!
    – Yasuka
  • I was a little nervous about joining Latin dancing as it is usually only danced by older people and I'm only 15, but in Nina's classes it doesn't matter how old you are; you can be 10 or 80+ and you'll still have fun regardless! She makes it impossible not to have a good time in her class.
    – Shadi Madani
  • Just wanted to say that it was an awesome outdoor salsa class at the park yesterday!
    – Duncan D.
  • Very professional, amazing teacher and dancer
    – PAUL
  • A few weeks ago in Nina’s class she went in depth about how to listen to the salsa rhythm, how to pick up the repetitive beat from the trumpet, percussions etc. I listened but I didn’t think too much of it until the other day when I realized that’s how you can find the quick/quick/slow rhythm when you come across a song that may not have the typical beat. (I hope I’m not the only one who has that problem) It was a Eureka moment for me. Nina is the best instructor in many ways. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to dance the Latin Rhythm!
    – Cathy Sakamoto
  • Nina made this experience so fun and enjoyable! We had both never done salsa dancing and are not natural dancers, but had a great time and laughed a lot. Would highly recommend! Nina is awesome!
    – Shale Tweed
  • The best Salsa and Bachata school
    In the area. Nina has a lot of positive energy and is very knowledgeable and knows how to teach.
    – Cesar Rodriguez Bautista
  • It was my first time taking dance lessons and I was so nervous but Nina made me and the whole group comfortable. It was so much fun!
    – Jamie
  • Nina’s class are fun. I’m a beginner and her professionalism has made me feel very comfortable. Her way of teaching is very creative. I always learn something new in every class which helps me increase my confidence. I highly recommend it!
    – JP P
  • Nina's classes a feels like family and my favourite always. She has an amazing warm spirit and so inclusive. After divorce or breakups is the perfect time to learn to dance if you haven't yet and Nina makes the class such an amazing welcoming and easy experience. These classes have been some of my favourite times ever :)
    – Dave Hurst
  • I speak for many Baila students when I say coming to class and having you make hilarious jokes and metaphors is the best part of our week! Thank you so much for brightening up our lives with your beautiful smile!
    – Emily Yeomans
  • It's always a fun atmosphere and the teaching is great.
    – Jalen Séguin
  • Great teacher. Very welcoming environment
    – Germaine
  • Nina is on point! Not only is she a great salsa instructor, she pays attention to all the details that help make you become a better dancer. The environment she creates is very welcoming and fun to be a part of. I will definitely be back!
    – Natashah Alani
  • Baila Vancouver and Nina has taught me so much, how to have fun during dancing which is a very fun a good exercise. In the beginning i knew nothing of any of the dances that i now know and am thinking maybe in the future i would like to become an instructor and learn as much as i can from Nina. Nina and the other instructors teach Salsa, Bachata, and Argentine Tango and everyone always makes us laugh and have fun, forget about our problems for that hour is like meditation but by laughing. LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE!!! DANCING IS GOOD FOR THE HEART!!!
    – Bianka Madani
  • Nina is an amazing dance instructor. I have taken several classes with her and I always learn something new. She is very knowledgeable in her skills and teaches in a way that helps everyone understand. She creates a warm and caring community in her classes. She provides individual support to those who may need. My favourite part of her class is when she asks us to reflect on what we’ve learned at the end of each class. Top notch instructor!
    – Rita Calderon
  • Really good instructor!! And clases are fun. Ended up buying a 20 class pack after I ran out of the Groupon deal.
    – Javier
  • Nina is an amazing instructor!
    She’s the reason I haven’t given up the idea of becoming a good salsa dancer :)
    – Martin Ham
  • Nina is the most graceful, knowledgeable and welcoming teacher I have ever had. Her many years of experience can be seen every time she demonstrates a move or explains a concept to the class. She dances tango (and salsa) as easily as she breathes, which makes it a pleasure to watch and learn from her. Her teaching methods are very accessible and have proven to work time and time again. I know that through her classes and by doing her recommended one minute a day practice challenge, one day I will have the impressive precision and control she demonstrates when teaching tango. She always answers any questions I have in a way that is easy to understand and that helps me improve my own dancing. I have met so many great people through her classes and have learned so much. I recommend any of her classes to anyone wishing to learn how to dance in a fun and welcoming environment!
    – Emily Yeomans
  • DanceToday really got me to be social and comfortable with dancing. Made some great friends and still go dancing with them!
    – Kevin Gault
  • I love her! Because she is so kind, and she is good at teaching. I love her class. She is so beautiful 😍💕
    – Kyu Bee Lim
  • I took Nina's class as a way to get out and be social after a breakup, and I couldn't have asked for anything better! Nina is an amazing dancer and teacher, the classes are a ton of fun, and I met so many great people. I had never danced before this class, and afterward I've no doubt become a regular!
    – Brent
  • Instructors are great! Classes are fun! I really learned a lot and I will definitely be doing more classes with Nina.
    – Cheryl
  • Love attending dance classes with Nina. She is super bubbly, outgoing, funny, and extremely welcoming. She knows her stuff. Always a pleasure to watch and learn from one of the best.
    – Artyom Ponomarev
  • Nina has changed my life for the better I am more out going, happy, and helped me on how people to approach and how to talk to them. I love coming to Ninas class because she is the only teacher that i've had for dance that makes you LAUGH, SMILE and just have fun. doesnt feel like your in a class it feels like you're out with your friends having fun.
    – Roya
  • All I can say is WOW! Not only is Nina a phenomenal teacher, but she makes her classes so much fun and easy to learn!!

    I started taking NIna's classes as a way to put myself out there again after a divorce, and dance classes were by far the best and most fun way to meet people and have a great time in a no pressure environment. Nina specializes in teaching anyone to dance no matter your experience level, and I highly recommend it both for Nina's personality and a great way to connect with really cool people
    – Brutus on Baseball
  • First time to the dance school and it was an AWESOME experience!!! Five STARS
    Mr. Mike Warrington was our instructor and he was so very patient and professional with all “levels” in the class, from beginners to more advanced!!!! Well done Mike, see you soon!!!!!!
    – Patty and Branko
  • Absolutely Love it. Teacher's are welcoming and fun!
    – Sandra
  • Baila dance studio is a very nice place. Nina always teaches dance in a good atmosphere and explains clearly. She is always smiling and I love it!!
    – Satomi Sugiue
  • Nina is a top class teacher for salsa, tango and bachata. She has a way of teaching that is engaging, fun, and focused on building technique. She is very friendly and positive, and uses many fun analogies to help her students understand technique. I’ve taken Nina’s salsa classes for a few years, and now I am taking bachata lessons together with my fiancé! We are also learning with Nina our first dance for our wedding, and super excited to impress our guests.

    Someone who was involved in establishing the salsa seen in Vancouver recommended Nina to me, and she exceeded my expectations as a teacher, and as a lovely and genuine person.
    – Anna Labadze
  • Yes Nina is definitely making sure we get our Partnering right the way we must hold our hands. I have been so used to dancing by myself when not in Dance classes. When Dancing to Live music everyone just dances around with each other we don't have the physical contact unless there is a slow dance. I practise all my Salsa moves on the Dance floor to live music. Gotta get some more friends to start up Salsa classes and learn the partnering. And the trick is to come to as many classes a week to get better. Practise makes Perfect.
    – Avril Levy
  • Nina was a great teacher, good class vibes
    – Vicky
  • Nina Is a great dancer, friendly and makes the class fun!
    – Cynthia
  • Nina is a great teacher, the beginner classes are easy to follow and fun.
    – Parisa
  • Welcoming dance studio! I liked how it was drop in classes instead of having to attend weekly to progress. Instructors were good and classmates were friendly and supportive.
    – Emily
  • Great experience will continue to attend
    – Joshua
  • Class size and instructor were both great.
    – Sara
  • I love Nina’s Salsa classes. I have learned a lot about the “art of dance” from her. For me, she is an inspiring, patient, and fun instructor. I find her teaching style very balanced, and flowing. In the past, with other instructors, I lacked the confidence to dance Salsa socially. Now, after having taken a few of her Salas classes, I feel much more fearless about dancing Salsa. I highly recommend Nina. Thank you Nina!
    – Jose Hernandez
  • Bachata, Tango and Salsa. Everything makes so much fun to learn at Baila Dance Today. Nina is an amazing dancing teacher. She explains every step very easily, so that you can follow. You can really see that it is her passion and that she loves that so much. All the students notice that and she just shares that with them. So they really enjoy her lessons.
    And I'm so happy that I went to that dance school. Nina, you can be sure that you are gonna see me again. Thank you :)
    – Amanda Jung
  • Great learning experience. Lots of fun!
    – Yong
  • Before I met Nina I though with my two left feet I wouldn’t be capable of dancing salsa and bachata. But now it’s so much fun and while going out I don’t feel shy anymore and this helps me so much making new friends and connecting to new people.
    – Louisa Helmer
  • Nina is wonderful teacher and lady. She really knows how to break down the steps so that it is easy to learn. She also makes the class fun and enjoyable. Attending her sessions is one of the highlights of my week.
    – Alvin
  • I have been training with Nina and Greg now for a year and a half and I have to say I really like their friendly teaching style and how they interact with their students and each other. The way they teach the “rules” of salsa has made it easier for me, now, to pass some of that knowledge down to willing learners and this had not only made me a better dancer but also my dance partners. I can honestly say that I never thought I would fall in love with salsa but they have made it possible. Now I want to learn it all! If you want to have a confident frame and lead that anyone who has a good frame and connection can follow, this will be evident in the wows and compliments you get, then Nina and Greg are the instructors for you.
    – Colin
  • I loved the Argentine tango from the first time I heard the music and saw it danced. It was beautiful and alive and there seemed to be a connection not only between the dancers but with me, too. It was like watching live theatre - I felt like the dance was unfolding for the first time right before my eyes. And I couldn’t wait to see what they would do next.

    Tonight was my seventh class at Baila in what I call baby tango. It’s the class with Mike in Studio B where he starts by patiently and meticulously teaching how to connect with your partner, how to hold each other and how to walk the tango walk - alone, with a partner and in time with the music. For an independent, mature, dancing neophyte like me, it’s intense. But when that connection is made and you and your partner are indeed dancing the tango, it’s exhilarating. Like flying in your dreams. At first it’s just a few steps. But that’s all it took to well and truly hook me.

    So why Baila for Argentine tango? Because you will learn the dance from the inside out. You will start at the beginning with the relationships among yourself, your partner and the music. You will first build a foundation for the steps and patterns of the dance. It’s kind of like learning technique in piano. Without fingers that can effortlessly run scales and arpeggios, the genius of Mozart would be unattainable. And without the threshold understanding and skills from Mike’s baby tango classes, I think the unique thrill of the Argentine tango would be lost.

    Besides all that, I’ve found the people at Baila to be warm, welcoming, kind and funny. Laughing is encouraged. A wonderful learning environment.
    – Mia Arisaema
  • “The wedding was awesome and Brett and Jen did their dance beautifully. The dip at end was worth every dime. Thanks again, I was so delighted with the results of just one class for Brett and Jen”
    – C. Helfrich
    ( The Mom :))
  • Had one class with Jay and one with Mike - they had a slightly different style but both excellent, v helpful and fun, coreography was doable even for a "dance illiterate" like myself, very friendly, nice atmosphere. Only downside was that I found signing up difficult - but other than that strongly recommended!
    – Christiane
  • I would definitely recommend Baila Vancouver Dance School. Salsa is such a great release from life’s daily stresses, and Nina creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which to learn. So whether you already love dancing or feel like you have two left feet, you’ll have a blast learning to dance with Nina!!! Honestly, just go for it - you won’t regret it!
    – Victoria
  • Amazing experience *****
    Nina is awesome!!
    – Isha S
  • I went for a dance class with Nina today and I highly encourage to watch her latest video about COVID-19. Classes are always easy to follow and fun including today's one. There are additional measures put in place due to the virus situation so there is nothing to be afraid of. Classes are taking place in a very safe environment.
    – Kamil Brož
  • When I moved to Vancouver back in January 2016, I had the great foresight to sign up for salsa lessons at Baila Vancouver - Dance Today. It's a rich learning environment, skilled and entertaining teachers, and friendly people. No only am I still taking salsa classes, I'm also leaning Bachata and Argentine Tango. Investing in dance at Dance Today has improved my life in so many ways. I'm so grateful. Thank you!
    – Jalen Séguin
  • My wife and I came to Nina knowing basic salsa steps. We were looking for a choreographed routine that we could do for our wedding a short 3 months away. "Not a problem" With just 8 private lessons and practicing at home we blew everyone at our wedding away with an amazing dance! Thank you so much Nina, you truly are an amazing instructor. And we had a ton of fun along the way.
    – Trevor Fleming
  • I am very thankful to have discovered Nina and her salsa team. Nina is an amazing teacher- with a great sense of humour. She engages each and every student (no matter how busy it gets), improvises quickly depending on the number and dynamics of students, infuses humour and practical tips in her teaching, making every class fun and easy to learn. I leave each class happy and sweaty!

    I definitely would encourage everyone to come dance with Nina and her team today!
    – Jenn
  • Nina is hands down the BEST salsa instructor in the city. I had a blast at her lessons. I’m a total beginner and I was hesitant about coming out to dance, but Nina made it easy and comfortable. By the end of the night I knew the basic steps and felt pretty confident. She obviously loves and has passion for what she does, which makes her a local favourite. Not everyone is a good teacher, but this is where Nina shines. Keep it up!
    – Drew
  • Excellent! The instructors are fun and knowledgeable!
    – Joe
  • Amazing teacher, Nina's patience and detailed way to explain each move is impressive! 100% recommend 👌
    – Irma Lara
  • Nina nurtures a sense of community among her dancers. She is welcoming and knows great strategies to further your dance journey whether you have been dancing for years or it is your very first day dancing. Once, in explaining a move, she explained what is required is one small step back followed by a big step forward, just like in life. I think that epitomizes Nina as a teacher, sharing the details of how to get a move to look great and be comfortable in a partnership, but also will often drop sage and positive golden nuggets of life advice too, just casually. Improve your dance, have a laugh, and bring positivity to your life in general with Nina's dance lessons.
    – Denil Wickrama
  • Hi Nina,
    I would like to express my appreciations for Cory. I find him a very good Salsa assistant. The manner in which he corrects my mistakes doesn’t make me feel wrong or stupid. In fact I find what he says very helpful. He is also very willing to help out and answers questions in a kind manner. He has a good sense of humor which helps me relax and enjoy the class. Truly, I find Cory a great delight to have around in class. I am so glad he is your assistant.
    – Jose L Hernandez
  • I love the class. Teacher is excellent!
    – Toshiko
  • I’m on vacation in vancouver and take part in nina's dance school. it's the best decision you can make. she is super great and funny and you can see that she has many years of experience behind her. In her dance school you will not only learn to dance, you can also learn a lot about connections. it's just fun and the people who there are also super nice. I highly recommend it. If you live in Vancouver or even just vacation you should go and have fun and dance 💃🏻
    once again a big thank you to beautiful Nina, the best salsa teacher here. I was able to learn a lot from her in the short time I was here.💓💓💃🏻😍
    – Kiana Barzegar
  • Great teacher. I took beginner argentine tango classes before and i found Nina’s teaching the best. She teaches the fundamentals of tango in a way that is not boring at all. Time goes by too fast. She really knows what is important to create a strong basis to good dancing and give everyone much individual attention. Also
    – Dina
  • Nina was recommended to me for salsa instructor and I’m so glad to be in her class. She’s professional, she makes the class fun and I’ve learned lots from her in a 20 week session. D2 Studio is quite central, easy for transit also.
    – Cathy Sakamoto
  • Nina as an amazing instructor and very easy to work with as well as learn Salsa in a fun and interactive way. l recommend Nina to anyone starting their Salsa journey as well as anyone that wants to improve and move on to the next well!
    – Khashayar Pouladian

Make your 1st Dance Unforgettable, and Unique!  Remember your special day with many photo-worthy moments that inspire your family and friends to join you in celebrating your amazing connection and marvelous day!

Add Latin Dance to your spectacular wedding! We specialize in Salsa, Tango, and Bachata.  However, we can adapt our moves to the music of your choice. 

All your questions about what will go best with your wedding wear and how to make you look amazing will be answered. Dance Today is known for turning absolute newbies into expressive wedding dancers. 

We will be teaching you a step-by-step connection technique that will make dancing easy for you to learn even if you have two left feet and no rhythm.

No prior experience is required. If you can walk we can teach you how to dance!

Wedding Choreography Styles

Each style has lessons included and we make sure you have an Intro and Ending that suits your preferences.  Your homework will include recorded clips you can take home of your dancing and the teacher's demo so that you can document your journey and have a souvenir as well as be able to look over the video and practice at home with your fiance in between lessons.



Let's Keep It Simple!
  • All Levels
  • Intro and Ending
  • 3-5 moves to loop
  • 6 one hour lessons included
  • No Pressure Approach!


Let's Put On A Show!
  • All Levels
  • Intro and Ending
  • Timed Choreography 
  • 12 one-hour lessons included
  • Let's Show Off!

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